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A collection of my random musings; usually centered around frontend topics. Join me as I explore new technologies, share my experiences, and learn from others.

2023 Goal Update (1 of 11)

In my New Job, Atom Feed, 2023 Goals post I mentioned 5 goals for the new year. This is the first of 11 posts I will make throughout the rest of this year with updates.

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Returning Amazon Orders to Whole Foods

Two weeks ago, I ordered a wireless CarPlay adapter so my partner and I wouldn't have to plug in our phones when driving in order to use CarPlay. Unfortunately, thanks to Amazon's great UX, I didn't apply the coupon code that would have saved me like $30. On top of that, there's a newer version of the same product that starts at $20 cheaper than the one I bought...

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New Job, Atom Feeds, 2023 Goals

The new year has come; a time for new beginnings. Kevin McCarthy (at time of writing) has failed 6 votes to become speaker of the house, which would be funny if it didn't illustrate how bad the GOP is at actually governing… In GoodNews© – I am excited to announce my next role!

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2022 in Review

Another year has come and gone, and I've decided to redesign and reimplement certain features of this site. Let's start with a postmortem of sorts since the last time I wrote something here.

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Auto-Generating Social Preview Images

Social preview images are used to entice viewers to read your content when they come across the image on a social network. Websites like Twitter and Facebook read meta tags on your website, and will show the linked image when the right tags are found.

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Tailwind Just-In-Time Compiler

Tailwind.css added a compilation mode in v. 2.1 to allow Just-in-Time compilation of the library, removing the need for enabling/disabling different variants or creating new styles for quirky one-offs, in favor of allowing the runtime to determine which styles to package into the build.

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