New Job, Atom Feeds, 2023 Goals

Nick Radford
Nick Radford
Jan 5, 2023
  • 2 min read

The new year has come; a time for new beginnings.

Kevin McCarthy (at time of writing) has failed 6 votes to become speaker of the house, which would be funny if it didn't illustrate how bad the GOP is at actually governing…

In GoodNews© – I am excited to announce my next role!

A hero image for Heyday, showing a bunch of colored hand emoji in different positions with the text "Heyday, your research helping hand"

As of this Monday, I will be a Senior Software Engineer at Heyday.

Technically, I started yesterday (Jan 3rd), but because of vacation schedules and the like we decided to push the start date.


Heyday is an AI powered memory and learning assistant tailored towards knowledge workers. You can learn more about the company at


You can see that the branding for Heyday includes these glyphs of hands in various positions; waving, pointing, giving a thumbs up. Coincidentally, I've been using the 👋 emoji as my favicon on my website for a couple years, so... I think it was meant to be.

Atom Feed and Bring Back Blogging

Inspired by Bring Back Blogging, I've opted to implement an atom feed here for my blog.

Here is the link to my feed .

I built this using jpmonette/feed and referencing this great blog post by Daan Debie.

To power this, I have an API route at api/feeds/atom.xml which will

  1. Create a feed using the feed library
  2. Iterate through my posts using feed.addItem to add the relevant content (including the static markup for the post)
  3. Set a Cache-Control header to 1 day
  4. Return the xml

A screenshot of the NetNewsWire RSS Client showing my content

New Year, New Goals

A rough list of things I would like to happen in the next 365(ish) days

  • Drink less alcohol
  • Play and finish more games (I'm looking at you, Steam Library)
  • Walk to places more than Uber
  • Read more than I did last year (this is a very low bar, unfortunately)
  • Finally, write more here on my blog